What to Expect During and After my Treatment

Most patients report that during the IV they feel a sense of calm and a sense of wellness. We attribute this to the antioxidants, the B vitamins and magnesium in the IV bags, which is very relaxing. Often times they feel relaxed enough that they want to take a nap while they are having their IV, but most of the time patients will have improved energy after their IV. Most patients notice a difference within 24 hours. However, some people notice a difference immediately. Some people will even notice a couple of days after their IV, as well.

The things that you should notice, and take note of, would be improved mental clarity, improved mood, decreased muscle pain and improved endurance with exercise. These are all things we have seen in our patients following an IV. Although everyone is different and have different nutritional needs, so your response to IV nutrition could be different.

Come into one of our DFW Locations and see how IV Therapy can make you a better you.

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