Keep Glowing Behind the Mask: How to care for your skin while wearing masks daily

by | Apr 19, 2020

With the new orders in place in Dallas about wearing masks when visiting essential businesses, we want to make sure that you keep that beautiful in-home glow you have been working on over the last 4 weeks!

If you are breakout-prone and wearing a mask all day, refresh your skin mid-day with Revision’s Soothing Facial Rinse & then rehydrate with Elta AM Therapy Face Lotion or Glytone Acne Treatment Lotion. If you have the time to actually wash your skin, even better.

I love the Elta Foaming Face Wash for breakout prone skin because it cleans without over drying the skin. Remember to always follow with putting a clean mask on!  At night before bed, cleanse, tone with Revision Soothing Facial Rinse and apply VI Complete Care for Acne. This will help banish breakouts while you sleep.

Lastly, apply your nightly oil-free hydrator. I recommend Elta PM Therapy Face Lotion.  Masking with our Zinc and Sulphur Mask or Revision’s Black Mask 2-3 times per week will also help control breakouts. These are also amazing as spot treatments.


For those who become sensitive or irritated by wearing a protective mask, steer clear of using retinol, acids or scrubbing your skin. Keeping the Avene Thermale Spring Water with you to calm and refresh your skin throughout the day is key. When cleansing use something very gentle, like Avene Oil Free Facial Cleanser, and then apply a soothing mask. We recommend the Avene Antirouguers Calm Mask. A tip is to keep it in your refrigerator so it’s nice and cold when you apply. This will immediately cool down the inflammation. This mask is amazing at calming and healing compromised skin. Apply your nightly moisturizer and layer Avene Cicalfate on top for ultimate healing.


With all this being said,  make sure you are washing your mask daily and not re-wearing disposable masks. This can breed bacteria, causing breakouts.  Also, make sure if you are taking your mask off to treat your skin to put a new, clean mask on after treating so you aren’t contaminating your fresh clean skin.



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