Cleansing Your Skin: Five Tips For Glowing Skin

by | Apr 24, 2017

Cleansing Basics

Glowing skin requires a proper skincare regimen – that includes a clean slate: that is – cleansed surface, free of oil, dirt and debris. You owe your skin a break from the elements of the weather, a day’s dirt and worn makeup – that can leave your pores clogged and sometimes – inflamed and irritated at a cellular level. The very first step in nearly ANY skin care system – is cleansing. Start by selecting the right cleanser for you. You might not hit the jackpot with the first one you try – especially if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of skin you have. For oily or acne-prone skin, something with a gentle exfoliation system or even a salicylic or glycolic acid component will help. For more sensitive skin, a more gentle, purifying or gentle foam wash would be more appropriate. In any case, avoid harsh scrubs which can actually make acne worse by creating tiny wounds in your skin.

Never Sleep In Makeup

Also extremely important – never sleep in makeup. Environmental pollutants build up during the day and contribute to aging in a number of ways. Clogged pores, dry skin, pollutants and impurities block precious oxygen to your skin’s surface – free radicals accumulate as well – encouraging the breakdown of collagen. Here are five tips to remember when cleansing your face: 1. Cleanse your skin twice a day; every morning when you get up – and every night before bed. (And guys – this goes for you too. ) 2. Avoid ordinary bar soaps – and invest in a good cleanser. Try out a few, and even rotate out from time to time. 3. Rinse with warm water, nothing too extreme. Water that is too hot or too cold can cause irritation or damage. 4. When drying, make sure to pat dry using a CLEAN towel. Dirty towels can transfer bacteria. 4. Exfoliate once a week at a minimum, this will buff away dead cells and allow smoother, brighter skin. Renew with a deeper exfoliation like a microdermabrasion as often as every couple of weeks. And we shouldn’t forget to remind you to be extra gentle when cleansing around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body and requires special attention. Follow your facial cleanse with a proper moisturizer, eye cream – or the remainder of your aesthetician-prescribed treatment plan. Whatever your steps are, be religious about it. Dedicated regimens result in glowing skin year round.
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