Favorite Winter Skin Treatments

by | Jan 9, 2018

You might be wondering – what are our patient picks for favorite Winter cosmetic skin treatments? Well that’s easy – there are three things most patients focus on in the winter:
  • Getting ready for swimsuit weather
  • Knocking out treatments that might require a little ‘downtime’ or less exposure in the sun
  • Exfoliating and clearing out dry, winter skin
So now that we know the top goals for wintertime skin care – we can share with you our most popular cosmetic skin treatments associated with each to more easily achieve the desired results.

Swimsuit Weather

Easily laser hair removal and Viora skin tightening and body contouring are tops when it comes to getting swimsuit-ready! You want your skin to be smooth and hair-free (legs, bikini and arms!) and if you are venturing out in a bikini – you’ll want to sculpt trouble areas (legs, belly and arms) for definition. Or perhaps you just need a little ‘lift’ of the skin – Viora does that, too.  Neither treatment requires downtime – and does require a few treatments. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to help you get your desired results in time for summer!

Recovery Treatments

There are not any treatments that we do at Park Cities skin care in Dallas that we would consider ‘invasive’ or that require real ‘downtime’. However, if you do opt for the brightening, clarifying, youthful restoring treatment we know as ReSurFX laser resurfacing treatment – you will want to stay out of the sun for a few days and follow proper after-care with moisture application.  The amazing results will be well-worth a few days inside.

Deep Exfoliation and Routine Skin Maintenance

Of course, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials , hydrafacial and microdermabrasion are always fan faves – but the Clear + Brilliant treatment is a notch up from both as far as strength.  Hydrafacial and microdermabrasion are safe enough to do every other week or so – while Clear + Brilliant is a bit stronger. We will customize a treatment plan just for you – based on what you hope to achieve and your skin type.  Chemical peels are also very popular to shed the old, and bring in the new.    

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After a laser treatment, intense moisturizing can help facilitate healing by reducing itching, drying and tightness. It also helps keep new skin cells supple and hydrated.

Skin that has recently undergone any kind of cosmetic procedure should always be protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen to help prevent damage.

Following a cosmetic procedure, skin may be extremely sensitive and tender, which may make the use of your regular skin care products uncomfortable due to irritation and sensitivity issues of your post-op skin.

Post-procedure skin is particularly delicate, so be sure to use skin care products that are gentle and non-irritating.

Following a pre-op and post-op skin care program that involves application of specialized products for cosmetic procedures can help speed up your recovery and improve overall results.