3 Things to Consider With Young People and Cosmetic Treatments

by | Sep 12, 2017

More and more young people (girls and boys alike) are considering cosmetic surgery or different treatments to change something about their appearance.  It is a tough world we live in, with supermodels with perfect skin gracing the covers of the magazines and celebrities who are able to look 20 well into their 60’s and 70’s. More and more young people are wanting to change their look – but is it always for the best? Safety should always come first when considering changing your look. And of course, there is the bit about ‘outgrowing’ some of the features that we might want to change. What gives? Certainly, we’ve read about the amazing transformations that surgeons have performed for children that have deformities, or even a hyper-awareness to ears that might appear larger, or their nose – and these surgeries are life-altering – in a GOOD way for these young people. We’ve also heard that more young people are opting for neurotoxin injections to relax the muscles in their glabella, as a preventative for deeper lines later, or even for hyperhydrosis or migraine therapies – at younger and younger ages. Toxins, like Botox and Dysport are now ‘tried and true’ and approved by the FDA as safe and effective treatments for these conditions. 1:  Non-invasive treatments are not as “alarming” as other surgical procedures. Treatments to reduce hair growth, or help a young person suffering from cystic acne have made amazing advancements and are safe and very effective. From laser hair removal to hydrafacials and chemical peels – we can help young people look and feel their best – without surgery.  Serious surgical procedures, like breast augmentation and rhinoplasty – are also on the rise and it seems more of a serious ‘trend’ of body-altering that might not be right for every patient, or in general for the culture we live in. 2: With any cosmetic treatment or surgery – a serious discussion must be had with your teenager or young person. It’s typically NOT recommended for anyone under 18 to have cosmetic surgery or cosmetic injections, unless they are indicated for something non-cosmetic like facial palsy, nerve issues or – as described above, hyperhydrosis or migraine therapy and prescribed/suggested by your physician.  For surgical procedures – it’s always a good idea to see if the situation resolves itself, and if it does not – then surgical correction can be considered. In a male patient, for example – it would be easy to see that a breast reduction would be helpful if they had oversize-breasts, to avoid ridicule and for increased self-image when it comes to being in school grade.  Or in a female patient with overly large breasts – a breast reduction surgery is ideal to help prevent future back pain. In any case – it’s a great idea to have a serious discussion with your teen about the pros, cons and possible consequences of such surgeries or treatments. 3: Always work with a reputable surgeon or physician supervised medical spa: For surgeries, it’s a good idea to work from referrals, references and specialists when it comes to performing surgeries on a young person. Ask around, read reviews and do your homework. For other non-invasive treatments like laser hair removal or acne therapies, or chemical peels – these can be done in a medically supervised environment by an accredited laser tech – at a medical spa like Eleven Wellness. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today, we work with each individual patient to perform non-invasive cosmetic treatments and can help tailor a treatment program to keep you looking your best – whatever your age. And – we can help you with a daily skin care regimen that will keep your skin looking bright and healthy.

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