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Tattoo Removal with the PiQ04 uses short laser pulses that are absorbed into the skin to convert light energy into acoustic waves in order to shatter the ink and pigment of tattoos. The PiQo4 energy allows the removal of tattoos with 40% fewer sessions compared to other laser systems and can treat the broadest range of tattoo colors on a wide range of skin types. Since each ink pigment color absorbs a very specific wavelength, the PiQo4 is equipped to target nine of the most frequently used colors ranging from light orange to dark black. The high energy allows fewer and faster treatments while significantly decreasing the occurrence of blistering, discoloration, or scarring on the skin’s surface.

What should I expect?

Our licensed medical aesthetician will provide a treatment plan customized by the size, shading, and age of tattoo in order to determine eligibility and frequency of treatment. Numbing medication will be applied pre-treatment, but patients can experience pain and/or discomfort depending on the size and age of the tattoo.

When will I see results?

Results vary by the size and age of the tattoo, but patients typically require three to six sessions to receive the most benefits from treatment. Sessions scheduled 8-10 weeks apart see the best results.

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