Photofractional Laser Rejuvenation – Youth Restored

by | Feb 26, 2017

It’s a ‘lunch hour’ treatment that is sweeping the nation – and even celebrities like Chelsea Handler are loving the results – and speaking out about them!
ProFractional lasers like our exclusive Resurfx Laser system restore a youthful glow to your skin – utilizing the body’s natural healing process.
As you can see from Chelsea’s before and after photo, which she posted on social media, there are little red spots – or wounds if you will. These tiny bits of ‘damage’ to the skin’s surface and just below jump start the body’s collagen production into action to save the day. This is referred to as collagen remodeling.  Our body slows collagen production as we age – this treatment stimulates this natural response and it’s a huge benefit to how our skin renews itself.
The result is fewer lines and wrinkles, brighter, clearer skin.  It’s also used to treat acne scarring, and sun damage or pigment problems.
The video below is an ‘in-office’ patient video that shows the process, how the laser works and what to expect during treatment.  All patients are different of course – but this video is a good guideline of what to expect.  Cassy performs our laser treatments, and will customize your treatment plan based on your skin type and your personal preferences for the type of results you are looking for, or trouble areas you are trying to treat.
It’s a complicated system with many settings and customization – but that’s what makes it amazing. With these specific settings – Cassy is able to really tailor your experience to help you get amazing results, in a shorter time – meaning less cost and time spent in the chair.

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