Novathreads…. Don’t let Gravity Get You Down!

by | Aug 6, 2018

Novathreads….. Don’t Let Gravity Get You Down by Kiran Robertson, MD Have you ever stood in front of the mirror pulling back the skin of your face or neck or pulled up your eyebrows, buttocks, inner thighs or fronts on your legs all while longing for the days of old-the days before collagen disappeared and gravity took over? Let’s be honest, who hasn’t? What are the options- one finger holding up a sagging eyebrow like Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated?” Duct tape, muumuus, or turtlenecks?  How can we look as good as we feel and look natural, refreshed, and photo ready?  NOVATHREADS. Botox, fillers, lasers, surgery- all good options, but is there something else, something new, something for both women and men? NOVATHREADS. Featured on the Doctors on the link below. Novathreads- dissolvable threads that lift and tighten. They are made with an FDA approved suture material, PDO (polydiaxonone), that has been used in surgeries for years and can be used anywhere on the face and body.  They come in several types and lengths-each with a different purpose, but all stimulate collagen and tighten. The barbs threads lift the sagging folds, jawline, jowls, neck, buttocks, brows, etc. and stimulate collagen production. The smooth and twist threads are used stimulate collagen and tighten the skin- face, neck, décolletage, knees, arms, and more. No downtime.  A quick, 30-45 minute procedure. Results last 12 months or longer. A great nonsurgical option for people who have sagging areas that don’t need surgery or don’t want surgery.  
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